Former Postdoctoral investigators

(Present locations are in brackets)

(Dr. Mandy Banet (California State University, Chico)
Dr. Doug Braun (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
Dr. Nolan Bett (UBC)
Dr. Timothy Clark (Deakin University)
Dr. Steven Cooke (Carleton University)
Dr. Michael S. Cooperman (Conservation International)
Dr. S. Matthew Drenner (Cramer Fish Sciences)
Dr. Erika Eliason (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Dr. Nathan Furey (University of New Hampshire)
Dr. Guillermo Giannico (Oregon State University)
Dr. Bill Harrower (High-Country Wildlife)
Dr. Stefan Larsson (University of Umeå)
Dr. Eduardo Martins (University of Northern British Columbia)
Dr. Eric Mellina (International High School, Berlin Germany)
Dr. Ivan Olsson (Lund University)
Dr. Pete Rand (Prince William Sound Science Center)
Dr. Glenn Wagner (SNC-Lavalin, Victoria

Former phd Students

(Present locations are in brackets// click on name to access thesis)

Dr. Art Bass (UBC)
Dr. Nolan Bett (UBC)
Dr. Katrina Cook (Instream)
Dr. Glenn Crossin (Dalhousie University)
Dr. Michael Donaldson (Canadian Science Publishing)
Dr. Stephen M. Drenner (Stillwater Sciences)
Dr. Laura Elmer
Dr. Nathan Furey (University of New Hampshire)
Dr. Kim Hruska (Langara College)
Dr. Ken Jeffries (University of Manitoba)
Dr. Graham Raby 
(Trent University)
Dr. Andrea Reid (UBC)
Dr. Natalie Sopinka (Canadian Science Publishing)
Dr. Amy Teffer 
(Smith Conservation Research Fellow)
Dr. Kyle Young 
(University of Pittsburgh)
Dr. Eric Mellina (International High School, Berlin Germany)
Dr. Rachel Chudnow (EcoFish Research)

Former MSC students

(Present locations are in brackets// Click on name to access thesis)

Nicholas Burnett (BC Hydro)
Jenn Burt (Simon Fraser University)
Alison Collins (Metro Water District of Southern California)
Dr. Sean Cox (Simon Fraser University)
Dr. Glenn Crossin (Dalhousie University)
Marika Gale (Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC)
Jennifer DeGroot
Steve Healy (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
Allison Hebert (Applied Freshwater Ecology Ecology Research Unit)
Steve Johnstone (UBC)
Adam Kanigan (UBC)
Randy Lake (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
Kirsten Mackenzie (Rescan Environmental Services)
Martin T. Mathes (Georgia DNR)
Collin Middleton (Instream)
Vanessa Minke-Martin (Redfish School of Change)
Patrick Nadeau (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society)
Lucas Pon (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
Jason Quigley (Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency)
Michelle Roberge (BioScape Environmental)
Kendra Robinson (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
David Roscoe (Golder Associates)
Emily Standen (University of Ottawa)
Christine Stevenson (Pacific Salmon Foundation)
Yovela Wang (UBC)
Charlotte Whitney (Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance)
Jeffrey Young (David Suzuki Foundation)
Taylor Wale (Gitksan Watershed Authorities)