Hinch Lab in the News

Reel West Coast, Episode Feb, 2023 – Brendan Morrison (former NHL player) interviews Hinch Lab members about catch and release research 

CBC TV, The National News show – interview about the on-going drought and salmon deaths 

CBC radio morning show Kamloops – interview on salmon migrations and missing salmon (Oct 2022) 

CBC radio morning show Kelowna – interview associated with recent research on Kokanee salmon thermal stress (Sept. 2022) (time 1:52)

Oct 2022 – “We need to talk about B.C.’s drought” The Narwhal    

Sept 2022 – “Researchers in Kelowna trying to find climate-change-resilient kokanee salmon”  Castanet 

Sept 2022 – “In the Long Run: Epic journeys of Pacific salmon” Canadian Wildlife Magazine

May 9, 2022 – “Tiny fish being released from Port Moody are on a very special mission” TriCity News, How do scientists track the movement of salmon? – Tri-City News (tricitynews.com)

2022 – The Fish Report – Lady-Killers: Declining Female Sockeye in the Fraser River’  Lady Killers: Declining Female Sockeye in the Fraser River – FISHBIO | Fisheries Consultants

2022 – Richmond News – BC group cuts 30-m wide hole in jetty opening path for salmon Salmon return to BC estuary habitat after 100 years – Richmond News (richmond-news.com)

2021 – Hakai Magazine – Survivor, Salmon Edition: Will different salmon species adapt before the climate votes them off the island? – Survivor: Salmon Edition | Hakai Magazine

2021 – Salish Sea Currents Magazine – Taking the temperature of salmon Taking the temperature of salmon | Encyclopedia of Puget Sound (eopugetsound.org)

2021 – The Weather Network – Female salmon dying more than twice as much as male salmon in B.C., study says

2021 – Hakai Magazine – Zachary Sherker –Salmon Smolts: Here Today, Guano Tomorrow

2021 – Ragtag Magazine – Talking Salmon With Zachary Sherker 

2020 – UBC Media – Dr. Scott Hinch elected into the Royal Society of Canada

2020 – CBC – Majority of early Fraser River sockeye run won’t make it to spawning grounds

2020 – The Narwhal – B.C. lax on forestry practices that harm fish habitat: watchdog report

2020 – ‘Listen to Sockeye Salmon’  – an audio documentary as part of the ‘Listen to the Earth’ display created by the UBC School of Information in order to preserve stories about organisms for future generations

2019 – The Narwhal – Searching for the Yukon missing Chinook.

2019 – Seattle Times – New drone, underwater footage of orcas stuns researchers, gives intimate look at killer whales’ family life 

2018 – Featured paper (on journal cover) in Nature Ecology & Evolution (Migratory coupling between predators and prey)

2018 – Vancouver Sun – Lab tracking studies profiled

2018 – Vancouver Courier – Dr. Hinch receives Exceptional Leadership honour from Mitacs

2018 – Hakai Magazine – “Catch and Deceased”

2018 – Vancouver Sun – UBC salmon tracking studies find mortality hotspots, migration bottlenecks

2018 – Coho ocean by-catch program examining physiological and survival aspects of migrating salmon captured as by-catch in coastal fisheries featured in the Columbia Basin Bulletin (CBB).  ‘Study Looks At Injuries To Coho In Purse Seine Nets That Determine Survival/Mortality After Capture’ 

2018 – The Star Vancouver – “Skipping salmon on menus one small step toward saving B.C. orcas, experts say”  

2018 – Canadian Wildlife Magazine – RED ALERT B.C.’s wild salmon population is dwindling. What is going wrong and why?”

2018 – Sockeye ocean tagging program examining genomic/pathogen aspects of migrating sockeye featured in the Columbia Basin Bulletin (CBB). ‘Less Healthy Adult Sockeye Migrate Earlier Than Healthy Fish To Freshwater’

2017 – APTN network documentary – Moose, Meat and Marmalade – issues of salmon productivity and aquaculture

2016 – Paper and image on juvenile salmon selected for cover of Hydrobiologia

2016 – Bull trout binge-feeding research featured by The Nature Conservancy’s Cool Green Science

2016 – CBC Radio ‘Early Edition’ segment on smolt migrations (1:20:20 mark)

2016 – UBC News press release on smolt telemetry research (further coverage by Vancouver Sun and Science Daily)

2014 – FishSens Magazine – coverage on bull trout feeding research

2014 – UBC Community Engagement press release on our partnership with St’at’imc First Nation to study dam passage

2014 – UBC Forestry News press release on juvenile salmon “smolt” migrations (further coverage in Salmon Steward published by the Pacific Salmon Foundation)

2014 – UBC News press release on dam passage research (further coverage by Vancouver Sun and Science Daily)

2011 – CBC Radio ‘As it Happens’ segment on salmon viruses

2011 – ‘Quirks and Quarks’ “Super Salmon” segment

2011 – Inside JEB – “Pink Salmon Better at Braving the Heat”

2011 – The Tyee – “The Salmon Doctors”

2011 – The Tyee – “Sockeye Feel the Heat”

2010 – Daily Planet – Television segment on sockeye smolt tagging program

2010 – Daily Planet – Television segment on sea lice

2010 – Daily Planet – Television segment on catch-and-release effects

2010 – The Tyee – “Meet the Super Sockeye” 

2010 – The Tyee – “Salmon of the Future”

2009 – UBC Reports – “A Crystal Ball for Pacific Salmon: Unprecedented Genomics Study Underway” 

2008 – Western Mariner – “Sockeye Peril” by Rick Crosby

Science Publications for the Public

2023 Branchlines Volume 34.1 – “Investing in the future of wild Pacific salmon”

2017 Branchlines Volume 28.2 – “Are salmon sick?”

2014 Branchlines Volume 24 – “Burst and Bust: Understanding sockeye salmon migration mortality”

2012 Branchlines Volume 23 – “Fry n’ eggs: Sockeye salmon in hot water”

2012 Branchlines Volume 23 – “Tracking sockeye salmon”

2012 Branchlines Volume 23 – “A stressful tale”

2011 Branchlines Volume 22 – “Fraser River sockeye and migration mortality”

2008 Branchlines Volume 19 – “Climate warming and salmon fisheries – a game of double jeopardy”