Social science and information exchange with stakeholders

In collaboration with natural and social scientists, we are studying “knowledge mobilization theory” which is an emerging field in the social sciences that examines how individuals and organizations respond to new information. Individual and organizational responses to new knowledge are strongly influenced by 1) the legitimacy and credibility of the new information and its sources (e.g., is the new information from an expert or novice in a field?), 2) how new information fits in with established knowledge and practices (e.g., is the new information very different or similar to old knowledge?), and 3) the capacity of individuals and organizations to receive knowledge and act on it. We are investigating the processes involved in generating, transmitting, receiving, evaluating, managing, and implementing knowledge by interviewing and surveying salmon management systems (i.e., Fisheries and Oceans Canada, First Nations, ENGOs, industry and recreational fisheries groups). A major goal of this research is to provide concrete recommendations to stakeholders on how results from capture and release science could be incorporated into management, and to identify barriers to this process.

Selected Publications

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